Amazon's Time Travel Drones Deliver TV Shows Before They're Made

So they're advertising Season 8 of Doctor Who before it's even done, and some wonderful people have reviewed it from the future.

I ordered this DVD next week, and was delighted to find it had arrived by Christmas 2007. Capaldi absolutely nails the role, and Steven Moffat plays an eerily frightening Valeyard, even if the casting choice seems a little dubious. The return of Davros was handled superbly, the series arc was remarkably well-plotted, and the Kandyman's comeback was as terrifically shot as Series 12's "Vengeance of that Seaweed-looking Thing from that episode Pertwee or someone probably did" (a stand-out gem in a series which generally seemed as though they'd just stopped trying). 5/5, would definitely Capaldi again.