Ricoh GR APS-C Sensor Compact

I've had my original Ricoh GR Digital for a good few years now (it was released in 2005, though I got mine at a reduced price a couple of years later) and I've always had a soft spot for it. Despite unbearably sluggish RAW performance and a display that looks more than a little antiquated nowadays it handles very well. I also love the discipline that a fixed prime lens imposes. It's a little too close in quality though to a modern iPhone to make it worth carrying around everyday, and it's always just a bit too tempting to reach for my DSLR if I need something with better light-gathering or more focus control.

Im really interested then in the new Ricoh GR, which is just a centimetre taller and wider, and only a few millimetres thicker, yet gets a full APS-C sensor. I'm very keen to give this a spin.