International Center for the History of Electronic Games

“In the broad scheme of things, video games have recently transformed the way we play, but also the way we learn and relate to each other,” Dyson says. “So we began studying and collecting games in 2006.”
With fewer than 100 games in the collection in 2006, the archive was nothing to marvel at. It was comprised of an Atari 2600, related cartridges and a few other stray objects.
Times have changed.
“By 2009, we got a much better handle on the industry and the history of the industry,” Dyson says with a smile. “We had over 10,000 artifacts. Now, the collection is over 40,000 games and related artifacts, as well as significant archival collections.”

Pi have the beginnings of a similar thing in my bedroom. Seriously, the ICHEG is a very special place, run by very special people, and this is important work. It's a super article, that I can't recommend highly enough.