Birmingham, City of Festivals

Most of Futurilla's content is intentionally non-location-specific, and we're generally interested in things that are relevant wherever in the world you happen to be. I'll make an exception though for the forthcoming Birmingham Architecture Festival, organised by the talented Laira Piccinato. That Birmingham didn't already have such a festival was shocking enough; that it should be initiated and successfully organised by one person, and a non-Birmingham-native at that, is doubly amazing. As I write the project is fully backed on Kickstarter, and tickets for the events are selling out quickly. If you're anywhere near Birmingham UK on the last weekend in May you should grab tickets now. If you're not, you should back it anyway, just because.

It's great that our long-time home city is spawning such amazing festivals these days. With things like BAF2013 and Still Walking being added to well-established events like Fierce, Flatpack and Supersonic, this place is becoming an even better place to base a creative business, and to live.