This is what I call lucking out.

I Accidentally Bought a Banksy in 2003

So I kept my Banksy around, and even paid serious bucks ($250!) to get it framed properly. I joined Twitter, and made it my avatar, because surely that would help me sell it. Over the past five years, I have regularly made attempts to track down someone who might be able to at least walk me through what you do in this scenario. So far, I’ve had no luck.

Very nice. I had my own bit of Banksy-related good fortune back in 2006 when I got a couple of copies of the Banksy Paris Hilton prank cd before HMV twigged and pulled them from shelves. The photos I posted on Flickr the same day went global, and are pretty much the only ones that still show up in a Google image search. I toyed with selling one of them, but Paris Hilton's record label decided to use their muscle (and a spurious claim of copyright violation) to put paid to any eBay listings.