iOS wins in Mobile Transactions, Android wins in Fraud

Even I find this hard to explain, but while iOS increases its lead in the value of mobile transactions (people actually buying stuff online), Android is getting a disproportionate advantage in fraudulent ones. Is it due to the proliferation of cheap Android devices in the countries where the fraud is coming from? There's not enough info here to tell, but it's fun to speculate.

"With consumers increasingly transacting on mobile and the adoption of EMV technology in the United States, we expect to see mobile fraud rates increase versus online and in-store purchases," said Don Bush, vp of marketing at Kount.

Unlike in 2011, when fraud on iOS devices was 45% greater than on Android devices, Android is now the device on which the majority of fraud occurs during mobile transactions. Fraud on these devices is now 44% higher than on iOS.

However, iOS users spend more on average than Android users, the report also found. In 2011, purchases on iPhones were $28.27 higher than on Android phones and the gap has continued to widen.

Interesting tidbit on iPad too:

The average transaction on an iPhone in 2014 was $124.47, or almost double the amount on Android devices ($65.22). Meanwhile, average transactions on iPads increased to $164.19 last year.

That would back up the contention that while iPad sales have slowed, there's no sense that users have abandoned the ones they have.