Exceptional Cases

I'm not a big fan of phone cases—I'm pretty sure Apple's industrial designers don't design their devices and then hope you'll slap a case on it—but I know that for many people it's either necessitated by the way they need to use and handle their phones, or a part of how they personalise and express themselves.

if I was going to put a permanent case on my iPhone though, this would be it. Seems incredibly thin and elegant, and leaves the iPhone's aesthetic almost untouched. I might just order one to see how they feel.

For those who are interested, I've always carried my iPhones around in an Apple IPod Sock to protect them in my pocket. The iPhone 6 though is just a touch too long to be comfortably squeezed into one, and so I'm using a Knomo Leather Sleeve (in tomato red). I've also just picked up one of these wrap-around sleeves from Dutch company Mujjo, to use when I want to carry my iPhone, bank card, and nothing else.

Source: http://buypeel.com