Bangkok Mall Overtaken By Fish

I've always enjoyed Bangkok's shopping malls not for their opportunities to engage in acts of consumerism, but for the way they highlight cultural differences between the western brands that dominate and the native people of the city. This though, is on a whole different level:

There's something particularly eerie about an abandoned shopping mall. Perhaps it's the stark contrast from its intended purpose: to see such a sterile place once designed to entice throngs of shoppers into its doors, now so completely devoid of any human life, dilapidated and darkened with time. It's basically the very definition of post-apocalyptic. But in the case of the (now ironically named) New World shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, abandonment by humans doesn't equate with lifelessness. The mall, which reportedly caught fire in 1999 (rumored to be arson by a competitor), has since flooded with several feet of water and become a paradise for koi and catfish.

Amazing photos. Like something out of a Sandy Skoglund shoot.