Miniature Electric Guitar For iOS

Best thing out of CES so far, for my money. This could be a perfect complement to the compact studio or iPad-based live set-up. Sorry, it doesn't yet seem to work with those other tablets that  Carphone Warehouse thinks musicians should buy.

Chris Heille, music product specialist with JamStik maker Zivix, said the the company's miniature electric guitar is scheduled to ship in March and retail for $299.99. The device uses both infrared and piezo sensors to detect fretting, strumming and picking while users play.

By featuring real strings that can be pressed, strummed and bent, the JamStik aims to offer users an authentic guitar feel, while still providing a compact and portable design. The accessory is a network MIDI controller that will work with iPhone and iPad, as well as Mac, meaning it will sport out-of-the-box compatibility with existing music applications, such as Apple's own GarageBand.