Leap Motion Controller Nears Launch

The company said it plans to debut the device with 100 apps populating the Airspace store, with an almost even split in software built for the Mac and Windows operating systems. These apps are separated into two categories; apps which provide core functionality to the OS, such as switching between tabs and screens in OS X, and software that augments other apps with gesture control. A handful of these apps are now available to developers through Airspace.
When it was first announced in 2012, the Leap Motion Controller was shown working with an iMac to manipulate the on-screen UI via several "3D gestures," such as the familiar pinch and pull used on Apple's touchscreen devices. The small USB Controller captures up to ten points of input, turning a wave of the hand or a mid-air pinch of the fingers into actionable gesture data. 

 For desktop and large-screen set-ups this could be way better than touch. I've been on the pre-order list since they first announced it, and I'm really looking forward to playing with it when it ships.

Source: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/06/24/...