Doom Ray Frontiers, and the Return of Re:Sleeves

While we've been quiet on the Futurilla blog front, we've had a busy few days over on Futurilla Radio, with a two-part Doom Ray and a new episode of Ben Waddington's Re:Sleeves, and both shows have great guests this week.

Doom Ray played a bit of a blinder by scoring Renton, WA-based Lars Simkins for a wide-ranging chat to co-incide with the launch of his Kickstarter campaign for Frontiers–an amazing-looking massive-world RPG explorer that's already raised $30,000 (in 4 days!). It's a great show, split into two halves for your listening convenience.

Also great is the return of Re:Sleeves with a fascinating deep dive into the world of demo-cassettes and the posters of Birmingham's legendary Catapult Club, in conversation with Birmingham Music Archive's Jez Collins. This is exactly the kind of stuff that Ben does best; pouring over details that others would consider unimportant to piece together fascinating social and cultural histories from disposable music ephemera.  

Have fun listening, and remember you can get all the shows from the Futurilla feed on iTunes.