Newsstand is great when the publishers stop fighting the content

Jim Dalrymple follow's Marco Arment's lead and takes The Loop to Newsstand:

“I have resisted every digital platform since we sold the company…” he says. “From 1999 to 2013, there has been a variety of digital publishing platforms that have allowed you to take your website and put it into some kind of magazine, but none of them seemed viable to me.
“Move ahead 20 years from where we were, and here’s Newsstand…I’m convinced that Newsstand is the next big publishing platform, the next big shift. It won’t be the last one, but it’s the next big shift. I’m convinced that it’s where I need to be to publish something like The Loop Magazine.”

I've bought magazines in Newsstand that I've cancelled after the first issue (Hello Sight & Sound), and others like Arment's The Magazine that I keep paying for and keep returning to. A pattern is definitely emerging.

Is it even imaginable that a legacy publisher could ship a magazine this simple?