Re-engineering Pinch-to-zoom for Paper

I really like Paper as a sketching App for iPad,and it's intriguing to see how developer FiftyThree is approaching the difficult task of dealing with added complexity. As iOS apps begin to take on more functionality, and become viable replacements for more traditional desktop software, this kind of ing becomes more and more important. 

“Pinch to zoom” reinvented zoom for touch devices, and Apple made the gesture ubiquitous by including it in iOS. “Pinch to zoom” is now probably the single most broadly understood multitouch gesture; it feels like something we’ve been doing all our lives, even though it entered the popular lexicon barely six years ago.

Pinch-to-zoom in the latest version of Paper works like a loupe tool, but one where you can directly work within the magnified section. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a definite improvement to an already-essential App.