The App Industry Needs its Auteurs

From last week, TNW has an interesting take on the emerging new role of Director within the App production world:

As Apple’s App Store nears its five year anniversary, a new kind of storyteller is rising in importance: The App Director. This isn’t an official title, but it’s definitely a state of mind and an important trend to take note of as we enter the app ecosystem’s pupae stage.

I was reminded of this by both last week's Doom Ray interview with Steve Stopps of Blitz Games, and by some of the Masters student work I've been looking at this week. There's definitely an emerging new category of the app 'author' who may not be coding directly, but needs to have a complete view of e whole experience and how it's delivered. This may emerge from more traditional design education, but there'll need to be significant adjustments in how we recruit, assess, and how we prepare students for the deep digital literacy this requires.