Yahoo Weather Powered by Flickr

I seem to be falling in love with weather apps lately. While Forecast was a beautifully-designed and well-thought-out web app, now Yahoo (remember them?) has surprised pretty much everybody with this gorgeous iOS-and-Android-native weather app

It really is lovely, but perhaps the most interesting aspect is in how it links to Flickr's Project Weather, and uses location-specific images submitted to Flickr as backdrops for your local weather info. This kind of joined-up thinking from Yahoo all helps towards making Flickr cool again.

I can't wait to see what else Marissa Mayer has in store. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if iOS 7 reveals some more Flickr love directly from Apple: iPhones have long been the most-used cameras on Flickr, and it's about time they became the best way of using what is still for many a much-loved (if in need of some attention) service.