This is how analysts earn their keep

Huberty wrote in her note to investors this week that Apple is likely to preview iOS 7 at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and claims that Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Service Eddy Cue is working on improving existing services such as iCloud and Maps in addition to the new app.

Thanks for that Katy.

Apple is busy cooking up a "killer app" that will be ready to launch with iOS 7 this summer, an analyst has said following a meeting with Apple management.

Oh really? I'm guessing that "Apple management" told you precisely what they tell everyone: That they don't comment on unreleased products, and that they're confident of their product pipeline.

Seriously, Apple not having a new version of the iPhone, of iOS, and a "killer" app to differentiate the new device would be the big news. Now that would be a scoop.