Virtual Reality 2.0

Linden Labs founder Philip Rosedale is back, with plans to take virtual reality beyond its Second Life days:

Rosedale is also back on the virtual reality scene with the new venture. His company, High Fidelity, wants to build a new avatar world enabled by sensors on phones, computers, and tablets—the goal is to incorporate virtual reality seamlessly into everyday life. His goals go far beyond gaming: He thinks virtual reality technology will eventually become just as ubiquitous as smart phones and laptops.

Rosedale is probably right to back education as the frontier for virtual reality, though there's a long way to go. Just because education tends to be early adopters of this kind of stuff, I wouldn't bet on those early adopters getting it right, at least not in a way that translates to broader consumer experiences. Still, some interesting insights here, from a guy who certainly has the experience on which to base his predictions.