2013 a "lost year for tech"?

I like Quartz, but this piece from Christopher Mims feels opinionated and lazy. Case in point:

The most that Apple could think to do with the new, faster processor in the iPhone 5S was animate 3D effects that make some users feel ill and a fingerprint sensor that solved a problem that wasn’t exactly pressing. Apple’s new iOS7 mobile operating system, which felt “more like a Microsoft release,” crippled many older iPhones and led to complaints of planned obsolescence.

So, delivering the first 64-bit mobile platform and putting an SLR-level high speed camera and 120fps video in a phone counts as zero-innovation? What about the thinnest, lightest tablet with a full-day battery? No? How about a radical new professional workstation-class computer built around multi core graphics cards? Nothing? And using a widely-panned link bait article as proof of this? Lazy.

Oh hang on: Mims seems to have supported the original "planned obsolescence" article before. Maybe this whole piece is just an excuse to trot out the same line again.

Source: http://qz.com/161443/2013-was-a-lost-year-...