Learning & Teaching Fellowship Presentation

As the BIAD Fellowship for 2012 draws towards its conclusion, I'm posting the presentation that I gave for this month's Learning & Teaching Symposium. Part of the undertaking of accepting the fellowship is to offer up our projects in a form that can be readily disseminated to other lecturers within the Institute. This is the first part of that process for me.

I've added notes (my 'director's commentary') to the PDF of my slides (originally created in Keynote of course), so they should stand as at least a reminder of the presentation. I've also tried to indicate some of the intended next steps within the notes, so if there's anything you think I should be talking to you about, please give me a shout. I'll share more of my outcomes as they happen.

I'm really interested to learn how others have tackled similar problems of teaching credible web approaches to diverse groups of students (especially in the art & design and creative sectors). How are you ensuring that students can develop strategies that adapt to technical and cultural changes? How are you measuring their effectiveness?