One Week Later

The Watch is a developing thing, even before it gets updated to watchOS 2. Living with a new object, particularly one that depends on software (and that changes depending upon what you choose to install or how you use it) is an evolving situation. How you feel about it in the first week might be very different to how it feels living with it over a longer time period. 

New Notes on Apple Watch:

1. I forgot to charge it for the first time. On Monday I went out to a gig, got distracted by a call from a friend, got tired, and forgot to pop the magnetic charger on the back when I went to sleep. I didn't notice until I was travelling to work the next day and my Watch tapped my wrist and said it had 10% battery left. I'd really punished it the day before, so I'm surprised it had even that much power left. Luckily the Apple Store had just opened and I dropped in to pick up a 1m charging cable. During that morning's class I popped it onto charge, and within 90 mins it was up to about 95%. 

2. I've been using a couple of apps. In addition to the built-in stuff (a restart seemed to make Siri work better to set timers, reminders, and calendars), I've used Yelp a few times to find nearby places to grab coffee or food. I've also told Siri to launch Dark Sky for a weather update.

3. With Apple Music now running I've used the 'Now Playing' glance a lot to see what my playlists are doing .

4. I've walked a whole lot more. In fact I think this is the biggest impact of Apple Watch. While I've been using HealthKit and my iPhone 6 to track movement since last October, the Watch has made a big difference to how much exercise I've done. Being able to glance at my wrist and see activity levels is a big motivator. I've averaged 11km walking a day for the last week, and I think it's all down to the Watch. Sounds crazy, even to me, but there's something about having the data closer to your body and visible all the time.