Apps are not the Future

This, I think, is spot on.  

From the Watch Face, you are able to see your Glances and notifications. In order to see apps, you have to engage the Digital Crown. This makes it seem pretty obvious that Apple has purposely designed apps not to be front and center like they are on iPhone. Instead, Apple Watch apps are mere repositories where stored information can be pushed to the user in the form of Glances and via Notification Center.

Looking at the Apple Watch walk-throughs myself, it's not hard to see that what initially looked like the Apple Watch's version of Springboard is actually more akin to a kind of Settings screen where you can see the whole "universe" of installed functionality. Apple Watch doesn't want you wasting your time in there Browsing through apps to use them—it wants to alert you to something that needs your attention now or soon, and let you get in and out fast. This is going to take some getting used to for most of us.