Jake & Ridley Scott Collaborate On Apple's "1.24.14"

Beautiful film, shot across five continents, with iPhones.

One of the first phone calls at the beginning of the project was from Lee Clow, the ad agency creative director behind the iconic commercial that launched Macintosh in 1984, to Ridley Scott, who directed it. From the start, they knew the right director this time around was Scott’s son Jake. Collaborating with his father, Jake assembled 15 crews around the world, each led by an outstanding cinematographer.

After the footage was shot in each location, it was handed over to Angus Wall, one of the most sought-after editors in Hollywood. Because so much footage had to be edited so quickly — over 70 hours shot on 100 iPhones — he employed a team of 21 editors to piece the story together.

Source: http://www.apple.com/30-years/1-24-14-film...