Leap Motion & The Pains of the Early Adopter

One problem is arm fatigue—holding your hand within the Leap's field of view in a comfortable fashion might require some workstation adjustment. I found that if I rested my elbow on my chair's arm, my hand wasn't at an angle that the Leap particularly liked to register; I spent quite a bit of time moving things around to overcome arm tiredness so that I could play with my elbow supported.

This has been my initial takeaway too. While the software and the hardware are bound to improve rapidly, holding up your hand towards the screen for any length of time is just horrible. Nevertheless, it's a very interesting device, even if it's not ready for prime-time just yet. 

 (Hat-tip to the always-interesting myapplemenu for the article link.)

Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/07/han...